The Weekly Quiz Full Instructions & Guide

Our Weekly Quiz Packs Are Supposed To Be Lighthearted And Fun However That Doesn't Mean They Are Dead Easy Or A Walkover
We Try To Create Our Quiz Packs To A Medium Difficulty Level Ie:- You Will Know Or Should Know At least 65% - 70% Of The Answers But You Wont Know Them All

All Of Our Question And Answer Sheets Are In Microsoft Word Format (NOT PDF) And Any Audio Files Are In MP3 Format
Questions With Black Squares On Them Are Worth 2 Points And Are Normaly Slightly More Difficult.

The Warmup - Page 01 (Questions 01-04)
Mostly Current Affairs Questions However If The News Is A Bit Dry We Usually Throw In A Few Easy Starters Just To Get Everybody Warmed Up
Multiple Choice - Page 01 (Questions 05-08)
Pretty Self Explanatory 4 Multiple Choice Questions Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Style
Entertainment - Page 01 (Questions 09-12)
4 Questions All About Movie Stars, TV Celebs And All That Kind Of Showbiz Stuff
Sport & Leisure - Page 01 (Questions 13-16)
Pretty Self Explanatory
General Knowledge - Page 01 (Questions 17-20)
Pretty Self Explanatory
Mystery - Page 01 (Questions 21-24)
This Round Varies Each Week But Common Subjects Are Blockbusters, Food & Drink, Art & Literature, Kids Korner, Science & Nature

The Music Round - Page 02 (Questions 01-15)

The Music Round Consists Of 15 Tunes Usually Ranging From The (1960's - The Present Day)
Some Weeks They Have A Theme Ie:- Songs About The Weather Or Artists Beginning With The Letter 'A' Or Something Along Those Lines.
It's Up To The Quizmaster To Decide If They Want To Give A Point For The Artist Or A Point For The Title Or Both

The Home Stretch - Page 02 (Questions 25-40)

One Final Section Of General Knowledge Questions And A Few Audio Based Questions

Popline (Home Stretch Question 25)

The Lyrics From A Well Known Song Are Read Out And Teams Have To Correctly Identify The Name Of The Song (Not The Artist)

Audio Clip (Home Stretch Question 28)

This Question Is Always An Mp3 File It Could Be A Movie Clip, TV Theme, Persons Voice, Whats That Noise And Many More

Special Music Question (Home Stretch Question 30)

This Question Is Always An Mp3 File It Could Be A Tune Played Backwards, A Number Of Tunes Played Simultaneously, A Name That Tune In One And Many More

Fastest Finger First (Home Stretch Question 40)

Just Like The Classic TV Show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire A Fastest Finger First Style Question, Pretty Straightforward A Question Along The Lines Of
Put These American Presidents In The Order In Which They Took Office A) George Washington, B) Abraham Lincoln, C) Richard Nixon, D) Bill Clinton

The Wipeout Round (Questions 41- 50)

In This Round Teams Are Asked Ten General Knowledge Questions, The Only Problem Is If You Get One Wrong The Entire Round Is Void And You Loose All Your Points This Round Can Make Or Break Who Is Victorious In The Quiz, We Offer Quizmasters The Choice Of Whether They Force Teams To Write An Answer Or If They Are Allowed To Leave The Question Blank And Play Safe, We Recommend You Allow Teams To Play Safe As Asking Them To Force An Answer Is A Bit Mean And Detracts Away From The Quizzes Design And Lighthearted Nature

Bonus Rounds

Every Five Weeks We Include A Bonus Round (Dont Expect Them Every Week) As They Are An Additional Extra To What Are Already Extremely Good Value Quizzes
Common Topics We Include Are Dingbats Or Invisibles, Cryptics, Anagrams, List O Mania The List Goes On We Like To Surprise You

The Tornado Round

From Time To Time We Include A Tornado Round (Normaly On Special Occasions:- Christmas, Halloween, Valentines) The Round Consists Of 5 Questions Placed In A Sealed Envelope And Handed Out To Each Team Inside The Envelope You Will See 5 Questions Each With A Numerical Answer For Example How Many Letters Are Their In The Alphabet Or How Many Number Ones Has Madonna Had Teams Write Down Their 5 Answers And Then Add Them Up And Rush Up To The Quizmaster You Then Tell Them If They Are Too High Or Too Low And They Go Back To Their Table And Have A Re-Think This Continues Until A Team Correctly Adds Up The Total Of All 5 Answers, They Then Win A Prize.

This Round Is Not A Compulsary Part Of Our Quiz Packs And May Not Be Suitable For All Quiz Venues As Certain Teams Do Get A Bit Carried Away And We Have Known People To Get Hurt In The Past So We Will Leave It Up To The Quizmasters Discretion.

Acronyms & Abbreviations

You May Encounter The Odd Abbreviation So Its Best To Familiarise Yourself With The Following So You Don't Come A Cropper When Reading Out The Quiz
PFE (Point For Each) Used On Questions With More Than One Answer
FFF (Fastest Finger First) Used On Questions Where You Have To Give The Answers In The Correct Order
NTB (Nearest The Bull) Used On Tie Breaker Questions Or Sometimes To Settle A Dispute