Quiz Night V1.3 (4 In 1 Ultimate Quiz Hoster) - Quizmasters.Biz - (COMING SOON) Price £29.99

This 4 In 1 Program Consists Of "A Quiz Hoster, A Quickfire Studio, A Play Your Cards Right Game And A Raffle Ticket Generator

If You're Planning on hosting your quiz on a laptop then this program is an absolute must. it assists you in playing your music rounds comes with a programmable auto queue to assist you in remembering vital parts of your quiz plays your jingles & sound effects, comes with a huge database of intermission noises and samples all programable using hotkeys.

1) Quiz Night Hoster
The program includes our "Quiz hoster" (Available as a stand alone program) where you can control the nights quiz proceedings, it comes with many audio snippets and is just a simple interface to enable you to play your music and sound effects etc without the need to switch to windows media player or winamp or whatever software you may use it can play mp3's various avi movies and heaps more
2) Quiz Fire Studio
The program includes a "Quick fire hoster" (Available as a stand alone program) where you can project up to 8 teams scores onto a secondary monitor or projector ideal for hosting quickfire quizzes its keeps track of the scores allows you to award points deduct points freeze teams out of play and lots lots more, do be warned THIS IS NOT A GAME its merely a hoster, you the quizmaster read out the questions all this program does is keeps a visual representation of whats going on, who's winning, scores, teams etc etc.

3) Play Your Cards Right
The program includes a "play your cards right game" (Available as a stand alone program) which follows the format of the classic tv game show where players have to guess whether the next card to be turned over is higher or lower than the preceeding one.

4) Raffle Ticket Generator
The program includes a "Raffle Ticket Generator" (Available as a stand alone program) for those quizmasters who have some kind of cash prize or jackpot up for grabs at the end of the evening, it plays incidental music while the numbers are being picked and a vast selection of sound effects to make the whole proceedure a little more exiting than just puilling numbers out of a bag, it also minimizes the accusations of it all being a fix (Which we are sure many quizmasters encountered before)

It's the ultimate & only pub quiz hosting program on the internet (It's as simple as that)

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