Play Your Cards Right V1.8 - Quizmasters.Biz - Released (22/07/2020) Price £9.99

Microsoft Windows Only

This simple App simulates the classic TV show 'Play Your Cards Right'
try to guess whether the next card to be turned over is higher or lower than the preceeding one
this game is often played at quiz nights but may also come in handy at other events.

You will need a laptop hooked up to a large screen / projector that the audience can see.

Why not use this little app to do the work for you, theres no need to shuffle cards, and drag a board around
no need to reset all the cards when a new player comes along all this can be done at the push of a button.

The App has an update feature so you can download new versions when they become available
We DO NOT charge for additional program updates once you have purchased the app you are entitled to

If you find a bug or have a comment or suggestion please contact us Here

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