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The White Bull (166 New Lane Oswaldtwistle, Lancs) Mondays 9pm 01254 231308

Chris Rigby is a very well known quiz master and has produced a large amount of quiz material over the years, he also happens to live in the north west, this is one of many weekly quizzes he hosts (It's also probo the most difficult) lots of hardcore quizzers are present and if you are new to quizzes you may find the going a little bit tough.

If you are an experienced quiz team looking for a challenge (and you will get one) you will probably find this quiz very appealing if you are new to quizzes you may find the pace a little hard to handle.

Its a cracking quiz but it is aimed at the hardcore quizzer, come on down if you think you have the brains, but you will meet some stiff competition here, mark my words

Pub Quiz Rating 85% Google Map
The Dog And Otter (Great Harwood, Lancs) Mondays 9pm 01254 888161

Hmm Well its not the most punctual of quizzes its supposed to get underway at 9pm but the quizmaster didnt show up til 9.20
lets hope he isnt a lifeguard in his day job, the quiz venue is clean and nicely laid out, comfy seats and lots of tables the locals were very friendly and the overall atmosphere very welcoming (nice tone to the place).

As for the quiz, hmm its a bit messy the layout is poor (its all over the place) it was on 4 pages but the quizmaster didnt read out the questions in the order in which they appeared on the sheet (very confusing) so you are constantly going back and forth across the pages and at markup time (this is a nightmare).

However the overall content of the quiz is pretty good and it contains all of the aspects one expects In a quiz:-
picture round, music round etc, its just all a bit thrown together and comes across as a bit 'Last Minute'
we commend the quizmaster for taking the time to introduce a music round but its just a little bit on the quick side

There was a free supper available during the quiz interval which smelt quite nice but i cant tell you how it tasted coz by the time i got there it was all gone, overall it aint a bad quiz but its not exactly gonna blow your socks off

if you are local its possibly worth a visit, but if you are travelling 5 miles or more, i can think of better Monday night quizzes to attend
in this area, the long and short of it is 'it aint bad but it aint great'

Reviewed On (18/04/2016) - Pub Quiz Rating 72% Google Map
The Guild (Fylde Road, Preston, Lancs) Mondays 9pm 01772 252870
No Review Available
No Rating Available - If You Have Attended This Quiz And Would Like To Submit A Review Click Here Google Map
The Swan (117-119 Abbey Street, Accrington, Lancs BB5 1EH) Tuesdays 9pm 01254 234050

This is a very modern quiz printed entirely in colour and hosted in a recently refurbished and well laid out pub, the quiz is hosted on a laptop and uses "Quiz Night" a quiz hosting program developed right here at to organise and host the evenings proceedings for further information about this software please click here

The Hi Tech approach make this a very tough quiz to follow because the hosting software provides the quizmaster with a serious advantage over the competition and gives them the ability to produce quiz rounds that others will struggle to recreate as well as making the quiz look and sound very professional (There are not many quizzes that can claim to be this original).

Everything you would expect to find at a quality quiz is covered:- General knowledge, Music, Pictures, Fastest Finger, Tv Themes Whats that noise, Wipeout, Guess the voice, Backwards Brainbusters, lots of bonus rounds and so much more if you can find a more original and creative quiz anywhere please let us know. There is also a free supper to keep you going

Pub Quiz Rating 87% - Independent Rating Based On A Survey Taken By Teams That Regularly Attend This Quiz Google Map
The Victoria Hotel (Manchester Road, Baxenden, Lancs) Tuesdays 9pm 01254 390424

No Information Is Currently Available Regarding This Quiz

Pub Quiz Rating (Yet To Be Reviewed) Google Map
The Oaklea Tavern (Whalley Road Accrington Lancs) Tuesdays 9pm 01254 238859

This Is A Recently Refurbished Pub And A Great Venue For A Quiz Sadly the quiz just doesn't quite live up to the standard of the venue in which it's being hosted the reason for this is the quiz master seems to think it's acceptable to shout the quiz across the pub without the aid of a sound system or microphone which is a bit unprofessional and very annoying
(We hope since our last visit this has now been rectified).

Apart from that the quiz strikes a nice balance of not being too hard and not being too easy the quiz content covers a nice variety of questions and topics that keep it fresh, there are also some sandwiches during the nights events.

This quiz has great potential but lost quite a few points due to its lack of a sound system & also the fact that there isn't a music round.

Pub Quiz Rating 76% - (Sadly This Quiz Is Now No More) Google Map
The Bay Tree (521 Garstang Road, Broughton, Preston, Lancs) Tuesdays 9pm 01772 862747

The Bay Tree Is A Cracking Venue For A Pub Quiz Nice New Layout (Dunno Bout The Sofas) Anyway Ages Vary But Majority Are Quite Young 20-30, The quiz itself needs a bit of Oooomph, Humour and professionalism .

Theres a cash prize jackpot that rolls over from week to week we had 2 problems with this quiz when we attended the first is flicking through a quiz book and telling a participant to stop and pick a number from 01-20 is a bit shit the second was as there are a lot of students present the level of texting and gadget foul play is some of the worst we have ever seen its a wonder we never died of radiation poisoning

Pub Quiz Rating 66% Google Map
The Railway (Pleasington, Lancs) Tuesdays 9pm 01254 231308

There are quizzes and there are quizzes some good, some bad and some that are just plain awful sadly this quiz
(If it's still going) has got to be the WORST pub quiz we have ever attended.

The venue kinda resembles "The Slaughtered Lamb" From "An American Werewolf In London" The quiz paper kinda resembles a blank sheet of A4, The music round kinda resembles silent night (There Isn't One) and as for the picture round well the pictures are so small they resemble a fingerprint and the prize for winning the quiz? yep the leftover sandwiches that are handed out at half time.

We always try to add something positive to our quiz reviews no matter how bad but with this quiz we just couldn't think of any

Pub Quiz Rating 34% - Possibly The Worst Pub Quiz In The UK (Absolute Pants) - We've Been To Better Funerals  
The Hare And Hounds (331 Blackburn Road, Accrington, Lancs) Weds 9pm 01254 872407

This is an extremely popular quiz attended on average by at least 15 teams maybe more and gets very busy so get there early, the quiz itself is of a high standard and features all the elements one would expect to find a nice assortment of well thought out questions a music round and pictures.

There are cash prizes for the top 3 winning teams as well as 3 chances to answer a jackpot question in which its possible to win up to £1000 pounds there are also 3 chances to win a bottle of wine based on spot prize questions throughout the evening.

A key aspect of this quizzes popularity is the free supper they put on during the evening which has to be seen to be believed its like going to a wedding buffet dont bother having your dinner if you are planning on attending this quiz.

Pub Quiz Rating 84% - A Very High Standard Quiz Nite Google Map
The Dog & Partridge (School Lane, Didsbury, Manchester, Lancs) Weds 9pm 0161 4455322

This quiz is pretty much intended for young people and about 80% of the quiz goers are students at Manchesteris university if you are looking for a serious quiz with sensible grown up general knowledge questions then im afraid you are in the wrong pub.

Frankies quizzes are fast and fun if you are up for a laugh and dont take things too seriously then this quiz may suit you but be warned this is quite a small pub and to say it gets quite busy is an under statement.

Pub Quiz Rating 69% Google Map
The Grey Horse (263 Whalley Road, Accrington Lancs) Weds 9pm 01254 232133

This quiz is quite unique given the fact that it is free, the quiz varies from week to week Standard questions, pictures, anagrams and music are commonplace, theres a free supper which isn't bad considering quiz is free.

At the end of the evening teams compete for a cash prize jackpot which is a guess the year question.

The Quizmaster could do with a better quality sound system because it can be hard to hear in certain parts of the pub but overall not a bad quiz at all.

Pub Quiz Rating 74% Google Map
The Thatch & Thistle (Surrey Road, Nelson, Lancs) Wednesdays 9pm 01282 615215

A bog standard off the shelf bought in quiz no music no pictures just 50 basic general knowledge questiosn no supper.

The Quiz is unenthusiastically read out by whatever member of bar staff is working they really dont get much more basic than this

A cracking venue for a quiz which really does have pottential but sadly doesn't deliver where it counts

Pub Quiz Rating 65% - Great Venue Piss Poor Quiz Google Map
The Cravan Heifer (Pole Lane, Darwin, Lancs) Wednesdays 9pm 01254 702618

Great venue really nice pub friendly locals and a top quality sound system ensure you have no trouble hearing the questions, the quiz consists of standard general knowledge questions and a picture round which is printed in colour which is nice to see although the images could have been a bit bigger, lots of varied questions (TV, Films, Science, History) £50 cash prize jackpot for the winning team 8 pints for second and a bottle of wine for third.

Theres a sbnowball cash prize jackpot which rolls over from week to week which is 50p to enter which is a kind of numerical question which you have to hit bang on (Which is asking a lot) sadly no supper but the quiz is free so you cant really grumble.

Pub Quiz Rating 65% Google Map
Sycamore Farm (Liverpool Road, Burnley, Lancs, BB12 6HQ) Wednesdays 9pm 01282 427101

This has got to be one of the best quizzes in the north west of England and we cant see many quizzes exceeding this standard, the venue is superb the turnout is outstanding (the night we attended there were 54 teams present) 200+

The quiz consists of 80 questions set out in rounds of ten everything u'd expect to find is here nice assortment of general knowledge questions, picture round, music & some very unique rounds that often include food tasting (yes food tasting)
the night we attended we had to identify ten different types of indian & chinese food items.

The quiz does have quite a few general knowledge questions but its not the focal point of the quiz we got the vibe that the majority of the people attending were not really there to win the quiz but to win the prizes (of which there are many)
prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd prizes for coming last and tons of games in between rounds:- play your cards right and bullseye
were played when we attended but from what we are told theres many more.

But it seems the highlight of the night is the chance to win a wheelbarrow (yes a wheelbarrow full of beer) and thats probably one of the main reasons why this quiz is so popular (its quite simply a raffle)

One other aspect we were pleased to see was the quizmasters no nonsense approach to mobile phone texting and gadget foul play and it sounded as if he penalised at least one mabe more teams throughout the evening events (touche!!!)

Pub Quiz Rating 93% - A Very Impressive Professional And Creative Quiz, That Puts Many Others To Shame!!! Google Map
The Whittakers Arms (332 Burnley Road, Accrington, Lancs) Thurs 9pm 01254 392999

This is an excellent quiz with 2 funny friendly and witty hosts its very well laid out music, picture rounds, tornado rounds and the odd bonus round set in a nice big venue plenty of parking and seats and a nice free supper thrown in.

The quizmasters are alwasy trying something new and often come up with some rounds that are extremely challenging and enjoyable nice mix of questions and there are cash prizes for the top 3 teams.

At the end of the quiz there is the chance to win some money by answering some tough jackpot questions overall a very good quiz and one we would definately recommend

Pub Quiz Rating 83% Google Map
The Peel Park Hotel (Turkey Street, Accrington, Lancs) Thurs 9pm 01254 235830

This quiz uses a rota system which makes it quite unpredictable and varied, the quiz is very popular and the pub gets quite busy so its best to get there early, good questions picture round and music are the order of the day and a high quality free supper.

After the quiz there is the chance to win some money by playing "Play your cards right"

Plenty of free parking the only problem we had with this quiz is you are constantly fighting over seats and considering they have just built an extension which would be an ideal place to host a quiz we found it a tad baffling that they do not use it????

Pub Quiz Rating 78% Google Map
The Witton Inn (182 Redlam, Blackburn, Lancs) Thurs 9pm 01254 392299

This quiz is very hi-tech and is hosted entirely on a large video screen and marked round by round with prizes for the team that scores the highest, this is a nice format as its quite likely that more than one team will emerge victorious by the end of the night.

It also ensures that mobile texting and gadget foul play are kept to a minimum the presentation is very high as is the quizmasters banter and timing and friendly manner the quiz covers all the aspects you would expect to find general knowledge, pictures, music and at the end of the night theres a chance to win some dosh by playing "Play Your Cards Right" We at quizmasters are not big fans of play your cards right because the game itself is seriously flawed (One Pair Whats The Point) and this quiz lost points because of it

Pub Quiz Rating 82% - Not many Quizzes Reach This Standard Google Map
The Red Lion (New Church Road, Rawtenstall, Lancs) Thurs 9pm 01254 215631
We have attended this quiz look out for a review soon Crown
Pub Quiz Rating 72% - Friendly Venue But Quiz Is By No Means Brilliant Google Map
The Clarence Hotel (279 Helmshore Road, Haslingdon, Lancs) Thurs 9pm 01254 212006

This quiz wont exactly blow your socks of and isn't that professional but it is FREE!!! so you can't grumble the pub and it's locals were also extremely pleasant, overall the quiz is pretty basic (No Music Round) but there was a picture round and also on the night we attended a bonus round of anagrams, there was also supposed to be another round of brainteasers but for some reason it was abandoned, thecore of the quiz consisted of 40 questions.

Overall not the best quiz in the world but by no means the worst it just needs a bit more energy which is a shame beacuse the turnout is good and there is no shortage of teams.

Pub Quiz Rating 70% - Very Basic Quiz Google Map
The Hordens (631 Livesey Branch Road, Blackburn, Lancs) Thurs 9pm 01254 221443

This quiz isn't bad at all nice big venue no fighting over seats or tables extremely high quality sound system, a very friendly host and a nicely laid out quiz that features all the things you would expect nice selection of questions a picture and music round at the end of the quiz there is a cash prize for the winning team and a further chance to win more money by playing "Open The Box"

We really enjoyed this quiz and have been back a few times and would recommend it to anyone

Pub Quiz Rating 79% - Not Bad At All Google Map
The Black Horse Inn (Pimlico Road, Clitheroe, Lancs) Thurs 9pm 01200 420906

Nice friendly pub, friendly staff & friendly locals Superb location fantastic beer garden (Shame It Was Raining) The quiz itself has all the Features one would expect to find at a quality quiz Pictures, Music, Nice Selection Of Varied Questions.

It Looks like the quizmaster tries to vary the format of the quiz from week to week which is always nice to see nothing wrong with a bit of originality providing it's well explained beforehand the things we liked about this quiz were the fact that the bar staff actually come to your table and offer you a kind of waitress style top up which means you don't miss out on any questions whilst at the bar, the pub itself is also quite reasonably priced.

A few moans we had were the sound quality is very poor and we lost quite a few points on questions we knew the answers to but misheard them as did the team next to us & it cost them big time because it was a wipeout round (THIS NEEDS TO BE SORTED)

We also found that the quiz tended to drag on a bit lots of delays and we didn't like the way that one minute your swapping and marking answers with other teams and the next minute your handing them back to the quizmaster there seemed to be no consistency to the quizzes structure, one other aspect that always ruffles our feathers is that you don't get your quiz papers back at the end of the night so you can never confirm your score or challenge any of the answers.

This often leads to accusations Of foul play and quiz fixing and we think the quizmaster would make life easier for himself and the quizzers if he restructured the format ever so slightly, we understand the quizmaster hasn't been doing the quiz very long and is clearly putting in a creative effort it just needs a little tweak to its layout and a better sound system and you will have yourself a cracking quiz night.

Pub Quiz Rating 73% - Not Bad But Has The Potential To Be So Much Better- (Sort Out The Sound System) Google Map
The Calder (89-95 Blackburn Road, Accrington, Lancs BB5 1JJ) Thurs 9pm 01254 397020

The good points regarding quiz well lets face it there aint many its a video quiz so well give you some points for originality and theres also a cash prize for winning the quiz but dont expect to see it (more of that later)

The door staff seem to have a bit of a Gung Ho attitude to entry and the dress code we were refused entry more than once and the reasons we were given didn't seem to apply to anybody else.

The idea behind the quiz is ok a video quiz with questions what could be simpler, well sadly theres only 40 questions but the biggest issue is the bloody thumping music thats played in the background is it a quiz or a disco (you can't have both at once)

There was a "Guess The Voice" round when we attended that was next to impossible to hear and the sound of people talking also carries right through the pub because of the wooden floor it was complete madness.

However our biggest problem with this quiz was this, we attended the quiz we eventually got granted entry we played the quiz
we won the quiz with 41/45 points however when the scores were read out the winning team had 35 and it wasn't us we asked what had happened to our winning paper and for some reason it had mysteriously vanished into thin air (Hmmm)

Some seriously dodgy shit going on at this quiz so if you attend dont be surprised if you get ripped off like we did!!!

Pub Quiz Rating 62% - Just Too Damn Loud!!! - Seriously Questionable Marking System, Google Map
The Britannia Inn (Haslingdon Old Road, Oswaldtwistle, Lancs) Fridays 9pm 01254 679744

This is a nice simple straightforward quiz, if you are planning a night out this is a cracking way to start it off why not catch up with your friends, have a bite to eat take part in a very simple and lighthearted quiz before going out on the town and have it large.

A simple straightforward no thrills quiz General Knowledge, Music, Picture Rounds and a cash prize jackpot

Very busy pub lots of teams

Pub Quiz Rating 73% Google Map
The Malt Shovel (Clifton Farm Estate, Hargrove Ave, Burnley) Fridays 9.30pm 01282 430920

This quiz has a number of nice aspects to it, the first is that it's FREE the second is that the beer at this venue is very well priced a decent pint is likely to cost you around £2 maybe less (Sep 2009).

The quizmaster puts together a nice bunch of varied questions with the odd tricky one thrown in so even hard core quizzers would have a hard time getting them all right., The locals were very friendly and we liked the layout of the pub as theres a quite lively room with a disco/karaoke and a lounge area where the quiz takes place.

Quizmaster does not use a sound system which is normally a real problem but because of the pubs split room layout this was not an issue and we could hear all of the questions without any problems.

The quiz consists of a starter or picture round in which teams can win a bottle of wine and then theres the standard general knowledge quiz that consists of 50 questions with the winning team winning a gallon of beer.

Pub Quiz Rating 72% - Not Bad Not Bad At All A Music Round Might Have Been Nice Google Map