King Street, Accrington, Lancs (R.I.P)
Sadly this quiz is no more, we at Quizmasters we would like to thank all our regulars for supporting this quiz throughout its duration
Xmas 2005 (Jodie Fosters) The Bar The Tribe Hunters
Alan (Quizmaster) Julia & Jean Dieter & Hazel
Gaz & Kez Christine & Malcolm Jay & A Friend
Dan The Man Kevin The 1 Man Army Jay & A Friend
Alan Looking Confused Again Chris Chris Staying Sober
Gaz Sporting His Antlers Hazel Checking The Scores Hazel Realising She's Just Won
Jodies Hard At It John Snr Looking Hip Late Comer John Snr
Kevin Taking A Break Kevin (Havent A Clue) Michelle D
Julia & Jessica Kerry (Still Preggers) Ian (No Vodka Tonight)