Introducing The Quizmasters
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Date Of Birth 18 / 11 / 70
Height 6ft 5"
Birthplace Eindhoven Netherlands
Occupation Computer Programmer / Site Admin / Quizmaster
Favourite Music Enigma, ELO, Pet Shop Boys, Lighthouse Family, Darren Hayes, Jason Downs (Easy Listening)
Favourite Tv Shows Scrapheap Challenge, Millionaire, Weakest Link, Eggheads, Divided, Documentaries
Favourite Films Lethal Weapon, Rain Main, Good Will Hunting, Back To The Future, American History X
Favourtite Foods Mexican & Chinese
Likes Generosity, Originality, Creativity , Those That Try
Dislikes Christmas, Ignorance & Stupidity, Rudeness, Smoking, Telesales Really Pushes My Buttons!!!!
Most Admired People Albert Einstein, Derren Brown, Prof Heinz Wolf, Craig Phillips, Robert Winstone
Most Hated People Jordan, Pete Docherty, John McCririck, Jeremy Clarkson, Russell Brand, Katie Hopkins
Lifetime Ambition

To Make A Difference & Make My Existence Worthwhile

Hobbies & Interests Computers, Martial Arts, Quizzes, Magic & Mind Tricks, Having A Beer & A Laugh
Quiz Specialties Science & Technology, 80's Music
Additional Info Enjoy The Site It Was A Lot Of Hard Work
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Date Of Birth 26 / 08 / 1976
Height 5ft 7 "
Birthplace Blackburn, England
Occupation Chef / Quiz Mistress
Favourite Music Bon Jovi, Stereophonics & Scissor Sisters
Favourite Tv Shows Lost & Friends
Favourite Films Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings & Pirates
Favourtite Food Chinese & Italian Food
Likes Generosity, Kindness & People Enjoying Life
Dislikes Dishonesty, Ignorance & Smoking
Most Admired People Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal
Most Hated People Jordan, Pete Docherty, Amy Winehouse, Katie Hopkins
Lifetime Ambition

To Own A Restuarant

Hobbies & Interests Quizzes, Films, Going Out & Cooking
Quiz Specialties

Food & Drink, 90's Music

Additional Info Kidney Transplant & Fabulous Quiz Mistress
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Date Of Birth 19 / 04 / 1973
Height 5ft 11"
Birthplace Iserlohn Germany
Occupation Phoenix Club Owner
Favourite Music Various Light Rock
Favourite Tv Shows Muppet show / Airwolf / Blue thunder / Automan / Streethawk
Favourite Films Alien VS Predator / Star Wars Trilogy / Die Hard Trilogy / Jaws
Favourtite Foods Fish & Chips / Burgers / Hotdogs / Sweet & Sour Chicken
Likes Kind Hearted People & Charities
Dislikes Piss Artists, Terrorists, Trouble Makers, & People who Swear
Most Admired People Claire Donnalley / Alan Calder / Lindsey Goodall
Most Hated People Gavin Anderson & Steven Burton
Lifetime Ambition Change The World Make A Difference (Based on my Transplant)
Hobbies & Interests Computers, Football, Ice Hockey, Martial Arts & Dinosaurs
Quiz Specialties

US Sports

Additional Info Heart Transplant 01/08/1998 & Backup Quizmaster